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How we start


First things first, if you want RPA can do 100% what human does, I am sorry to tell, it is not possible right now, my experience is that 30%-65% workload from the team member can be taking out, it is an collaboration instead of taking over, RPA do the work, staffs do the validation to make sure the completeness of the process.

In Addition, more bots does mean more faster, the flexibility isn’t always configured in to bots, a new regulation requiring minor changes to an application from could throe of months of work updating the bots logic flow.

Centralize all process with one or two robots would be our best approach, within the development, we learn and understand your company workflow, where we will then create an golden copy standard of each of the department, no matter your team member or robots, they will follow this standard to perform the job to make sure it's the same result each and every time, it also avoid the key man risk where someone left and missing a part of your company process of mistake.

In order to get most out from Robotic Process Automation (RPA), communication and expectation are the key of success, no matter how hard we build and robot for you, if it is a wrong output result, it has no value at all.

Please find our four main parts below





  • Communicate with teams

  • Set / Manage expectations

  • Calculate Return of Value

  • Resource planning

  • Response sign off

  • Document the workflow

  • Install Robot

  • Apply script

  • system integration 

  • Schedule running

  • Create test script

  • UAT 

  • Confirm expectations

  • Stress Test

  • Full Day 1 /2 support

  • Daily Monitor

  • Maintenance

  • Hotline

  • Script amendment


Get the most out from RPA

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